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Elle Macpherson’s Floral Lace Bra

27 Feb

Yeah…another purple item.  We’ll blame it on the Bieber Fever and those purple 3D glasses.

Do people really buy bras for over $40?  We thought everyone waited year-round for the Semi-Annual sale at Victoria’s Secret like us?  Well, for those of you who have champagne taste and a beer budget when it comes to your undergarments, here’s a sale for you.

This pretty bra has floral lace that’s super soft and also stretches.  How can you not love the pink bow?

Originally this cost $62, but you can find it here for $31.  Wahoo!

Savings = 50% off

Victoria’s Secret’s Miraculous Bra

23 Feb

If being subtle has never been your thing then this is the bra for you.  Victoria’s Secret recently came out with a new line of Miraculous push-up bras that add two full cup sizes to your lady lumps.  We were skeptical at first but out of curiosity we ponied up the $54 to see if with the click of the clasp we’d instantly turn into vivacious and voluptuous babes. 

Turns out the claim is true and although the look is a little much, there’s always a time and a place for everything.  This Miraculous bra originally costs $54, but you can find it here for $29.99.

Savings: over 40% off