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Little Black Dresses

1 Mar

1. MM Couture Minidress. Originally $141, now $38. Savings = 70% off
2. Hazel Lace Dress. Originally $97, now $38. Savings = 60% off
3. Aryn K. Sequin Dress. Originally $99, now $39. Savings = 60% off
4. Velvet Strapless Ruffle Dress. Originally $130, now $51. Savings = 60% off
5. MINKPINK Sequin Dress. Originally $119, now $82. Savings = 30% off
6. Tinley Road Sequin Dress. Originally $69, now $34. Savings = 50% off
7. Riller and Fount Minidress. Originally $143, now $71. Savings = 50% off
8. BB Dakota Minidress. Originally $62, now $42. Savings = 30% off

Enjoy!  Shop on!

Florence Dress

1 Mar

This dress hails from an online store called Scarfu whose mission statement is “to share this Brooklyn indie lifestyle with people all over the world”.  We love that these guys meander through Brooklyn flea markets in hopes of finding cool and interesting designs — how incredibly authentic.

With its three layers of tiered grey jersey, the bright green knit waistline and shoulder straps make for an unexpected contrast.  This dress would be perfect for so many different occasions and could be worn dozens of ways (over tights, with blazer, heels, flats, or boots, etc.)

Originally this dress cost $110, however, now it’s on sale here for only $69.

Savings = 40% off

Curtain Call Dress

28 Feb

This sweater dress is unexpectedly warm and cozy given the fact that it has short sleeves.  This gorgeous dress features a big bow that cinches at the waist.  The best part of this dress is that it has a soft, jersey fabric that lines the inside of the wool dress.  The result?  No itchy-wool feeling! Fabulous!

The whimsical layered sleeves also are a very girly touch.  All in all, this dress is the epitome of comfy-chic. 

This dress was originally going for $128, but now it’s on sale here for $29.99.

Savings = 75% off

Victoria’s Secret Convertible Dress

27 Feb

Considering this is basically 10 dresses in 1, it seems like a pretty good deal to us.  For $88?  Eh — we’ll let you be the judge of that one.  This dress is ruched on the sides (ooh, flattering!) and has a fairly slim-fit that hugs all of your curves. 

Originally this dress cost $88, as mentioned, but you can find it here for only $49.99. Cha-Ching!

Savings = 40% off

Cache’s Ruffle Sheath

26 Feb

We’re going to be straight up with you guys.  Cache reminds us of a bunch of 40+ cougars trying to look 20 again on The Real Housewives of [fill-in-the-blank].  However, when it comes to a great deal, we don’t discriminate. 

This surprisingly classy dress would work for so many different occasions.  Work? Check.  Dinner?  Check.  Looking fab during the day?  Check. 

What we love: neutral color, ruffles + draping neckline = uber flattering

Originally this cost $128, but you can find it here for $49.99.

Savings = 60% off

Riller and Fount’s Tropic Twist Dress

24 Feb

Watch out, Kim Kardashian.  The queen of the long-sleeved mini dresses will have nothing on us as long as we’re wearing this.  Reasons why this dress is all kinds of awesome:

1. Little Black Dress anyone?  This will be a staple in your closet for years.

2. Super versatile.  You could wear this everywhere.

3. Originally $165, you can find it here for a mere $65.


Savings = 60% off

Madewell’s Snowblossom Gala Dress

23 Feb

Madewell has a reputation of making high quality garments, which is why we were so excited to see this deal!  In a color the designer calls “Brilliant Peacock” (absolutely fabulous), this silk-chiffon dress can be worn throughout the winter season into spring — as we like to think the “Snowblossom” name implies.

The back of the dress features a sheer black panel which adds a little va-va-voom to sweet dress.  We can definitely see ourselves throwing on this baby with a pair of black tights (and hopefully more flattering shoes than are in the picture) and having a great night out on the town!

The Snowblossom Gala dress originally cost $168, but you can find it here for $50.40.

Savings = 70% off