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Bohemia Treasure Swimsuit

28 Feb

Swimsuit season is coming up but it’s far enough away where there are some swimsuit sales going on.  For days that we aren’t in the mood for itsy-bitsy-polka-dot bikinis there are beautiful one-pieces like this.

This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill, one-piece that you’d find at Target. This is basically a work of art.  Reasons why this is all kinds of awesome:

1. We love the tie-dye blue print — so bohemian but chic as well.

2. The beaded embellishment at the top adds some extra flair.

3. The tie halter means we can untie it — alas, no tan lines!

Originally this suit costs $188, but you can find it here for $99.

Savings = 50% off

Sephora’s Mono Eyeshadows

28 Feb

Sephora Mono Eyeshadows are thought to be the discounted version of other higher priced shadows such as Urban Decay or Stila.  However don’t underestimate the lower price tag, these bad-boys are super pigmented and have serious staying power, especially if you use a primer.

These shadows can get pretty expensive if you decide to load up on them — which can be tempting because there are dozens of colors to choose from.  The good news?

These were originally $12, but right now they are on sale here for only $6.

Savings = 50% off

Elle Macpherson’s Floral Lace Bra

27 Feb

Yeah…another purple item.  We’ll blame it on the Bieber Fever and those purple 3D glasses.

Do people really buy bras for over $40?  We thought everyone waited year-round for the Semi-Annual sale at Victoria’s Secret like us?  Well, for those of you who have champagne taste and a beer budget when it comes to your undergarments, here’s a sale for you.

This pretty bra has floral lace that’s super soft and also stretches.  How can you not love the pink bow?

Originally this cost $62, but you can find it here for $31.  Wahoo!

Savings = 50% off

Sephora’s Metallic Eyeliner

27 Feb

We’re really loving the purple today, aren’t we?  We have a love/hate relationship with liquid liner.  There must be some genetic predisposition to putting on this stuff; some girls have a flawless talent for it, us…not so much.  This felt-tip eyeliner not only is easy to use, but it’s long-wearing and comes in seven gorgeous colors.


These originally cost $10, but they’re now on sale here for only $5.

Savings = 50% off

Urban Decay’s Show Pony Shadows

26 Feb

Urban Decay brought artist Kime Buzzelli in to design the box for this six-shadow set, which is apparently the huge selling point that warrants the $30 price tag.  We’re practical, we care more about what’s inside the box, not what is on it.

This set comes with six shadows, a black eye pencil, and a mini-primer (full size Urban Decay primers cost $18).  The colors range from neutral “9-to-5 friendly” looks to crazy electric purple for when you want to spice things up. 

On Sephora this has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars for nearly 500 reviews, so it seems to be a unanimous favorite.  Originally this was going for $30, but you can find it here for $16.

Savings = 50% off

oh, hey…p.s.

Double Layer Pearls

25 Feb

Continuing with the unintended “girly” theme of the day, here is a fabulous pearl necklace.  Reasons why this is all kinds of awesome:

1. Pearls, is there anything more classic?

2. Exudes sophistication

3. You can wear it with everything and you can wear it forever.  Pearls never go out of style.

Original cost?  $34.  But it can be yours for $14.99 and you can find it here.

Savings = 55% off

Demeter Fragrance Set

25 Feb

What a steal!  For those of you who may not have heard of Demeter Fragrances…prepared to be amazed.  These single-note perfumes are delicious and come in every flavor from Rubber to Pumpkin Pie.  This set comes with three flavors: Graham Cracker, Sugar Cookie, and Brownie.  How can you resist this?

Normally the smaller 1.0 oz. bottles cost $20 and the larger 4.0 oz bottles cost $40.  Essentially, this set would cost $80 if you were to buy each item on its own.

This set originally cost $45, but you can find it here for only $22.50!

Savings = 50% off

Odille’s Pioneer Plaid Blouse

25 Feb

The ultimate blouse for girly-girls.  This frilly patterned blouse could easily be dressed up or down and would be perfect as we venture into spring and summer.  The ribbon bow cinches the waist which means one thing — super flattering. 

It’s an incredibly unique blouse; definitely not something you’ll see every day.  Prepare for compliments because that’s all you get while wearing this beauty.

Originally this pretty blouse cost $80, but you can find it here for $39.99.

Savings: 50% off

Joe’s Jeans ‘Provocateur’ Jeans

23 Feb

Nothing exemplifies the term “investment piece” better than a pair of designer jeans.  We’re not sure why but something about pricey jeans makes them look so much better.  Joe’s Jeans launched in 2001 and have since built a loyal following including some A-List celebs such as Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, and the Olsen Twins.

The great thing about these jeans is that they have a great stretch quality that means they will fit a wide variety of body types.  Originally the Joe’s Jeans run for $158, but you can find them here for $79.99.

Savings: 50% off

Marc by Marc Jacobs Paintball Skirt

23 Feb

Play up your sassy side in this one-of-a-kind Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt.  The print makes it unique, the pleats make it flattering.  Marc Jacobs is a genius in that his designs are always fun and youthful but never fail to be sophisticated.

At the end of the day, anytime you find a Marc Jacobs piece for UNDER $100, you know you have a fabulous deal on your hands!

Original retail on this Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt is $198, but you can find it here for $99.

Savings: 50% off