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Florence Dress

1 Mar

This dress hails from an online store called Scarfu whose mission statement is “to share this Brooklyn indie lifestyle with people all over the world”.  We love that these guys meander through Brooklyn flea markets in hopes of finding cool and interesting designs — how incredibly authentic.

With its three layers of tiered grey jersey, the bright green knit waistline and shoulder straps make for an unexpected contrast.  This dress would be perfect for so many different occasions and could be worn dozens of ways (over tights, with blazer, heels, flats, or boots, etc.)

Originally this dress cost $110, however, now it’s on sale here for only $69.

Savings = 40% off

Victoria’s Secret Convertible Dress

27 Feb

Considering this is basically 10 dresses in 1, it seems like a pretty good deal to us.  For $88?  Eh — we’ll let you be the judge of that one.  This dress is ruched on the sides (ooh, flattering!) and has a fairly slim-fit that hugs all of your curves. 

Originally this dress cost $88, as mentioned, but you can find it here for only $49.99. Cha-Ching!

Savings = 40% off

Victoria’s Secret’s Miraculous Bra

23 Feb

If being subtle has never been your thing then this is the bra for you.  Victoria’s Secret recently came out with a new line of Miraculous push-up bras that add two full cup sizes to your lady lumps.  We were skeptical at first but out of curiosity we ponied up the $54 to see if with the click of the clasp we’d instantly turn into vivacious and voluptuous babes. 

Turns out the claim is true and although the look is a little much, there’s always a time and a place for everything.  This Miraculous bra originally costs $54, but you can find it here for $29.99.

Savings: over 40% off

Bensimon Lace Up Sneakers

23 Feb

Be ready for some jealous stares as you walk down the street channeling your inner-Parisian fabulous-ness.  Bensimon sneakers came about in France in the 1980s by Serge and Yves Bensimon.  The variety of available colors combined with the effortlessly cool look quickly made these bad boys a “must have” for all ages. 

The soft grey goes with everything in your own, and let’s be honest, these are a lot more fashionable than those old New Balances you have stashed at the back of your closet.

Normally these shoes cost $55, but you can find them here for $33.

Savings: 40% off