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Splurge or Save: Shall Collar Sweather

26 Feb


We love, love, LOVE Vivienne Westwood — but sometimes we can’t afford to drop $625 on a sweater.  Luckily, we always have our eye out for cheaper knock-offs.  This sweater instantly reminded us of the classic V.W. draping that we adore.  As you can see, fairly similar shape, but the beauty on the right goes for $625, whereas the one on the left originally cost $118.

However, you can find the lovely black and white shall color sweater here for only $54.  What a steal!

Savings = 55% off

J. Crew’s Lisette Lace Shell

25 Feb

Inspired by a vintage chemise, this ultra-flattering year-round shell can look sweet, feminine or edgy, depending on how you layer it.  This pretty top comes in four colors: black, olive, navy, and pink (we’ll admit, we love the pink!).  We also adore the exposed zipper in the back — a great modern/edgy touch.  Sweet and innocent in the front, badass in the back.

The best part?  We have a code that gives you an EXTRA 30% off on all final sales items — use the code AYC93K.

Originally this cost $98, but you can find it here for $21.

Savings = 80% off

Odille’s Pioneer Plaid Blouse

25 Feb

The ultimate blouse for girly-girls.  This frilly patterned blouse could easily be dressed up or down and would be perfect as we venture into spring and summer.  The ribbon bow cinches the waist which means one thing — super flattering. 

It’s an incredibly unique blouse; definitely not something you’ll see every day.  Prepare for compliments because that’s all you get while wearing this beauty.

Originally this pretty blouse cost $80, but you can find it here for $39.99.

Savings: 50% off

Central Park West’s Nairobi Blazer

24 Feb

We aren’t huge fans of jean jackets.  The idea of somewhere wearing matching head-to-toe denim kind of makes us cringe.  What’s even worse is the idea of NON-matching denim from head-to-toe. 

But this denim blazer looks incredibly sophisticated and we can definitely imagine us pairing this beauty with dresses and skirts (not jean skirts, of course). 

Originally this was going for $152, but you can find it here for only $60.

Savings = 60% off

Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy Ruffle Cardigan

24 Feb

We’ll be honest — $300 for a cardigan is ridiculous for a cardigan.  Even if it IS Marc by Marc Jacobs.  We’d be willing to bet that you could find something just like this on sale at Old Navy for $24.

But think of how lovely this would look over our dresses?  Or how cute it would with that MbyMJ skirt we posted the other day?  It would go with everything in our closets!  It’d really be more of an investment piece than anything…AND its Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Stop torturing yourself, we know you want it.  Originally this sweet sweater would have put you back $300, but you can find it here for only $88.  Enjoy!

Savings: 70% off

Sparrow’s Rising Ra Cardigan

23 Feb

There’s a reason why Anthropologie has a cult-following.  Every piece feels one-of-a-kind and the chance of running into someone with the same top or skirt is slim to none.  This warm and cozy sweater is a fantastic deal because not only is it substantial and unique, but it’s neutral color makes it extremely versatile — yet, the pop of color brings some extra pizazz.

The collar beading, those marvelous buttons, and the ornate hexagonal pattern mean two things: labor-intensive, and thus expensive.  Originally this cost $178, but you can get it here for a cool $49.95.

Savings: 70% off