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Odille’s Pioneer Plaid Blouse

25 Feb

The ultimate blouse for girly-girls.  This frilly patterned blouse could easily be dressed up or down and would be perfect as we venture into spring and summer.  The ribbon bow cinches the waist which means one thing — super flattering. 

It’s an incredibly unique blouse; definitely not something you’ll see every day.  Prepare for compliments because that’s all you get while wearing this beauty.

Originally this pretty blouse cost $80, but you can find it here for $39.99.

Savings: 50% off

Central Park West’s Nairobi Blazer

24 Feb

We aren’t huge fans of jean jackets.  The idea of somewhere wearing matching head-to-toe denim kind of makes us cringe.  What’s even worse is the idea of NON-matching denim from head-to-toe. 

But this denim blazer looks incredibly sophisticated and we can definitely imagine us pairing this beauty with dresses and skirts (not jean skirts, of course). 

Originally this was going for $152, but you can find it here for only $60.

Savings = 60% off

Riller and Fount’s Tropic Twist Dress

24 Feb

Watch out, Kim Kardashian.  The queen of the long-sleeved mini dresses will have nothing on us as long as we’re wearing this.  Reasons why this dress is all kinds of awesome:

1. Little Black Dress anyone?  This will be a staple in your closet for years.

2. Super versatile.  You could wear this everywhere.

3. Originally $165, you can find it here for a mere $65.


Savings = 60% off

Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy Ruffle Cardigan

24 Feb

We’ll be honest — $300 for a cardigan is ridiculous for a cardigan.  Even if it IS Marc by Marc Jacobs.  We’d be willing to bet that you could find something just like this on sale at Old Navy for $24.

But think of how lovely this would look over our dresses?  Or how cute it would with that MbyMJ skirt we posted the other day?  It would go with everything in our closets!  It’d really be more of an investment piece than anything…AND its Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Stop torturing yourself, we know you want it.  Originally this sweet sweater would have put you back $300, but you can find it here for only $88.  Enjoy!

Savings: 70% off

Kensie’s Melton Coat

24 Feb

Sure, we may be starting to get warmer weather in the South but there are still some parts of the US that are still pretty damn cold.  The best coat sales always sneak out right out when we don’t need coats anymore, but that’s okay — we know we’ll get a lot of use out of this baby next year.

Kensie’s designs are all about the modern girl.  Their collections are inspired by “girls that change their mind, change their clothes, change their look all the while figuring it out.”  One thing we won’t have to figure it is what coat to wear over our dress to dinner or over jeans to the mall.

This classic coat originally cost $160, but can be found here for $63.

Savings: 60% off

7 For All Mankind Skinny Jeans

24 Feb

Another designer jean steal!  These 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans are a dark black and have a really nice slimming quality because they really suck you in.  These are nearly tight enough to possibly classify as “jeggings”.  These would look amazing for a night out with a tall pair of boots and a slouchy top.

There’s a reason why so many celebrities love 7 jeans.  Dubbed as the leader in premium denim, 7 for All Mankind have a reputation for being beautifully cut, flattering, and really, really sexy.  Originally the jeans would have put you back $150, but you can find them here for only $60.

Savings: 60% off

Ecote’s Over the Knee Boot

23 Feb

Talk about a pair of boots that will never go out of style.  These babies make your legs look sexier and long n’ lean.  Pair them with a pair of bootcut jeans and you’ll look super stylish.  These are a “Top Rated” item at Urban Outfitters which means that they have a rating of nearly 5 stars.  It doesn’t hurt that they have an over-the-knee height either, which is very trendy right now.

These sassy boots originally cost $128, but you can get them here for $39.99.

Savings = 70% off

Joe’s Jeans ‘Provocateur’ Jeans

23 Feb

Nothing exemplifies the term “investment piece” better than a pair of designer jeans.  We’re not sure why but something about pricey jeans makes them look so much better.  Joe’s Jeans launched in 2001 and have since built a loyal following including some A-List celebs such as Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, and the Olsen Twins.

The great thing about these jeans is that they have a great stretch quality that means they will fit a wide variety of body types.  Originally the Joe’s Jeans run for $158, but you can find them here for $79.99.

Savings: 50% off

Marc by Marc Jacobs Paintball Skirt

23 Feb

Play up your sassy side in this one-of-a-kind Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt.  The print makes it unique, the pleats make it flattering.  Marc Jacobs is a genius in that his designs are always fun and youthful but never fail to be sophisticated.

At the end of the day, anytime you find a Marc Jacobs piece for UNDER $100, you know you have a fabulous deal on your hands!

Original retail on this Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt is $198, but you can find it here for $99.

Savings: 50% off

Victoria’s Secret’s Miraculous Bra

23 Feb

If being subtle has never been your thing then this is the bra for you.  Victoria’s Secret recently came out with a new line of Miraculous push-up bras that add two full cup sizes to your lady lumps.  We were skeptical at first but out of curiosity we ponied up the $54 to see if with the click of the clasp we’d instantly turn into vivacious and voluptuous babes. 

Turns out the claim is true and although the look is a little much, there’s always a time and a place for everything.  This Miraculous bra originally costs $54, but you can find it here for $29.99.

Savings: over 40% off