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Bohemia Treasure Swimsuit

28 Feb

Swimsuit season is coming up but it’s far enough away where there are some swimsuit sales going on.  For days that we aren’t in the mood for itsy-bitsy-polka-dot bikinis there are beautiful one-pieces like this.

This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill, one-piece that you’d find at Target. This is basically a work of art.  Reasons why this is all kinds of awesome:

1. We love the tie-dye blue print — so bohemian but chic as well.

2. The beaded embellishment at the top adds some extra flair.

3. The tie halter means we can untie it — alas, no tan lines!

Originally this suit costs $188, but you can find it here for $99.

Savings = 50% off

BLEACHBLACK’s Jizz Nail Polish

28 Feb

Ever since we say Kim Kardashian and other celebs rocking those white nails, we’ll admit, we became fans.  There’s something about white nail polish that makes us happy.  It looks so clean and chic, plus it looks fabulous in the warmer months.

Then we came across this bottle of nail polish…supposedly inspired by jizz.

Don’t knock it until you try it?  Or is this beyond nuts?  Your call.

Originally $12.95 — that’s more than OPI!

Now on sale here for $2.99.

Savings = 75% off



J. Crew’s Jeweled Flower Belt

28 Feb

These gorgeous J. Crew belts would look perfect over dresses and blazers!  There are two options for this fun, flowery belt: the black (which would be great for nighttime) and the honey brown color (how cute would this look with all of our spring and summer dresses?).

This is the perfect time to buy since J. Crew is letting customers have an additional 30% off final sale items if they have the promotional code.  Luckily for you, you can find the code on one of our posts from a few days ago.

Originally these belts cost $50, but you can find them here for only $27.

Savings = 45% off

Sephora’s Mono Eyeshadows

28 Feb

Sephora Mono Eyeshadows are thought to be the discounted version of other higher priced shadows such as Urban Decay or Stila.  However don’t underestimate the lower price tag, these bad-boys are super pigmented and have serious staying power, especially if you use a primer.

These shadows can get pretty expensive if you decide to load up on them — which can be tempting because there are dozens of colors to choose from.  The good news?

These were originally $12, but right now they are on sale here for only $6.

Savings = 50% off

Curtain Call Dress

28 Feb

This sweater dress is unexpectedly warm and cozy given the fact that it has short sleeves.  This gorgeous dress features a big bow that cinches at the waist.  The best part of this dress is that it has a soft, jersey fabric that lines the inside of the wool dress.  The result?  No itchy-wool feeling! Fabulous!

The whimsical layered sleeves also are a very girly touch.  All in all, this dress is the epitome of comfy-chic. 

This dress was originally going for $128, but now it’s on sale here for $29.99.

Savings = 75% off

Elle Macpherson’s Floral Lace Bra

27 Feb

Yeah…another purple item.  We’ll blame it on the Bieber Fever and those purple 3D glasses.

Do people really buy bras for over $40?  We thought everyone waited year-round for the Semi-Annual sale at Victoria’s Secret like us?  Well, for those of you who have champagne taste and a beer budget when it comes to your undergarments, here’s a sale for you.

This pretty bra has floral lace that’s super soft and also stretches.  How can you not love the pink bow?

Originally this cost $62, but you can find it here for $31.  Wahoo!

Savings = 50% off

Sephora’s Metallic Eyeliner

27 Feb

We’re really loving the purple today, aren’t we?  We have a love/hate relationship with liquid liner.  There must be some genetic predisposition to putting on this stuff; some girls have a flawless talent for it, us…not so much.  This felt-tip eyeliner not only is easy to use, but it’s long-wearing and comes in seven gorgeous colors.


These originally cost $10, but they’re now on sale here for only $5.

Savings = 50% off

Victoria’s Secret Convertible Dress

27 Feb

Considering this is basically 10 dresses in 1, it seems like a pretty good deal to us.  For $88?  Eh — we’ll let you be the judge of that one.  This dress is ruched on the sides (ooh, flattering!) and has a fairly slim-fit that hugs all of your curves. 

Originally this dress cost $88, as mentioned, but you can find it here for only $49.99. Cha-Ching!

Savings = 40% off

Madewell’s Snowblossom Scarf

27 Feb

Alas!  A few days ago we showed you the Snowblossom Dress, now we have the matching Snowblossom scarf!  You probably won’t wear this while you’re wearing the dress…but we can imagine this beautiful, colorful scarf going well with our more neutral outfits.

Another great thing about this scarf?  It’s gigantic!  It’s 49 inches by 49 inches, so it’s definitely not one of those tiny, flimsy scarfs.  This baby is substantial.

Originally this cost $58, but you can find it here for $19.99.

Savings = 65% off

Splurge or Save: Shall Collar Sweather

26 Feb


We love, love, LOVE Vivienne Westwood — but sometimes we can’t afford to drop $625 on a sweater.  Luckily, we always have our eye out for cheaper knock-offs.  This sweater instantly reminded us of the classic V.W. draping that we adore.  As you can see, fairly similar shape, but the beauty on the right goes for $625, whereas the one on the left originally cost $118.

However, you can find the lovely black and white shall color sweater here for only $54.  What a steal!

Savings = 55% off